My NEARfest haul

Got back from NEARfest, which I enjoyed immensely. I’ll be posting a review in due time, along with some photos (100+ total) I took with the digital camera I mentioned before. In the meantime I have some new reviews to put up. Workload at my job has suddenly increased as I’ve been given a real project to work on instead of “update the website when it needs to be updated”, and I can’t use the computer at home thanks to some serious renovations, so these updates might be a bit slow, but they’ll be coming.

For now, another list: what I bought at NEARfest. Ouch.

  • After Crying - Struggle for Life [2CD] - yum
  • Aghora - Aghora - it’s like Cynic minus the cookie monster vocals… not bad
  • Landberk - Riktigt Akta - some call it “brooding” I call it “boring”
  • Le Orme - Contrappunti - in preparation for the San Francisco show
  • Samla Mammas Manna - Klossa Knapitatet - about as I expected; good stuff
  • Samla Mammas Manna - Kaka - even sillier than I figured it’d be
  • Spiral Architect - A Sceptic’s Universe - technical metal; not to my liking yet
  • Thinking Plague - In This Life - haven’t listened to it yet
  • Thinking Plague - Early Plague Years - this rawks!… nuff said
  • T-shirts: Anekdoten, Thinking Plague


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