In which I spend lots of money

Sweet Jesus. After NEARfest, no more big CD purchases for me for a while. I just plonked a chunk of cash down for a digital camera (something I’ve wanted for a while), and it looks like an equal amount of cash will go down in the near future for accessories: memory cards, carrying case, zoom lens. Why can’t they include more of this stuff in the camera package itself? Sheesh.

That said, I am getting a ton of CDs in soon (mostly for my birthday which was a few days back) -

  • Blast - A Sophisticated Face
  • Daniel Denis - Sirius and the Ghosts
  • DFA - Duty Free Area
  • Kollar Attila - Musical Witchcraft
  • Magma - Magma
  • Pär Lindh Project - Gothic Impressions
  • The Residents - Meet the Residents
  • Jorge Reyes - Ek-Tunkul
  • Yochk’o Seffer - Chromophonie
  • U Totem - U Totem

A mix of RIO-ish stuff and NEARfest-related stuff. I’ve never heard DFA or Par Lindh Project, so I figured I might as well at least give myself a passing familiarity before seeing them live. I plan to do the same with Le Orme before I see them in San Francisco (no, I’m not flying out there just for that show - just will happen to be in the right place at the right time!). Speaking of which, there’s so much Italian stuff out there I haven’t had the inclination to explore yet… and I feel dumb because so much of it seems to be going out of print.

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