Memory and association

Still “sick as all hell”, so this is the only real update. In a pathetic bout of self-pity I went out today to the local record store and bookstore and purchased some CDs and a book. I’ve forgotten how nice it is to get a nice new book for recreational reading - I’ve not read anything for fun since Christmas. I got, if anyone cares, Gene Wolfe’s Litany of the Long Sun, an omnibus of the first two novels in a tetralogy. Wolfe is one of my two absolute favorite authors (the other being Harlan Ellison) and I find his work highly stimulating.

Speaking of novels, I was thinking of the spring of my junior year in high school, when I was starting to get into prog and when I was prolifically reading science fiction novels at the rate of about 3-4 per week. I have some indelible associations made from reading while listening to music: for example, I will forever be emotionally affected by Djam Karet’s Reflections from the Firepool, as I first listened to it while reading Stephen Donaldson’s highly emotional fantasy series The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. It’s fascinating how one medium can enrich the experience of the other.

Anyway, the CDs I got today, in blatant violation of my restriction on CD buying that was supposed to last until the end of the school year:

  • Budd, Raymond, Guthrie, Fraser - The Moon and the Melodies - Joe’s review convinced me
  • Dave Brubeck - Time Out - slowly building my jazz collection
  • Miles Davis - Live-Evil - aaaah!… this stuff is intense
  • Grey Eye Glances - Eventide - a great deal (used $5); a bit too slick and adult-contemporaryish but not bad

A brief but interesting look at how Sean Malone starts writing a song, with RealAudio clip:

It’s a simple groove in 12/8, with a small metric modulation to 3/4 in the middle. This is how it starts. A simple rhythmic pulse. I’ll play with this for a while, develop some textures, some melodic content, then some contrasting sections. Here it is.


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