Where to start?

What is the best way to approach an old (or prolific) band that one has never heard before? I think most people start with the best albums and work their way down to the not-so-great ones, and if they really love the band then they get the weaker ones “for completists only”. But I think it would be kind of neat, if one had plenty of time and money to spare, to do it the other way around, and save the best for last. I suppose some people do it chronologically, which is also kind of neat. Myself, I’m too impatient to get to the good stuff, so I always start with the most generally praised selections.

I am going to purchase a set of earplugs. Why are rock concerts almost always too goddamn loud? Loud is fine, but there’s a limit, guys. The Ozric Tentacles about killed me last July through sheer sonic firepower, and Dream Theater last night almost reached an equivalent decibel level. Yikes.


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