Other Music and “Fuck Like a Donkey”

My girlfriend is visiting me up here at Yale, so updates have been a little sparse the past few days. A few things of note, though; we went to New York City for a day and I had the good fortune (bad for my wallet) of randomly running across Other Music, a fantastic weird-music store in the Village. Magma, Area, Arti & Mestieri, PFM, all kinds of psych and Krautrock and RIO, most Cuneiform releases - heaven. I managed some kind of restraint and “only” picked up three:

Aside from that, we were walking around a small open market in the Village and what did I hear but the music of Orff’s Carmina Burana set to a throbbing hip-hop beat. After hearing, on the same tape, a song called “Fuck Like a Donkey”, featuring authentic donkey noises, I figured that whoever compiled said tape must be an interesting character, and picked up the tape (Sound Factory 99 Part 2). Talk about amusing stuff - check out www.mikemike.net.

Two guests at the dinner I went to were violinists in a string quartet; one was speaking of the comparative advantages and disadvantages of being a left-handed player. It was an interesting conversation, and he brought up things that I, not being a player of any instrument, would never have otherwise thought of.


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