Electric vs. acoustic bass

I can’t decide whether I like the electric or the acoustic bass better. The acoustic bass has a cleaner, more attractive sound, but it just doesn’t seem quite as versatile to me. And sometimes I dig the impossibly deep low-range notes than only an amplified electric bass can play. I do, however, love to hear the acoustic bass in a rock context - because it’s a novel concept or because it sounds good? - and I wonder how an electric bass (or section of electric basses!) would sound in a classical context. Either instrument seems to work well in a jazz context. Somehow I don’t see an acoustic bass in a rap or metal context, but hell, that would be interesting too.

On the instrumentation/orchestration track: Why doesn’t anyone play the harpsichord anymore? I’d love to hear a progressive rock band try to integrate a harpsichord into their compositions.

Assuming the three CDs I have coming soon in the mail (Bruford/Levin Upper Extremities, Gorn/Levin/Marotta From the Caves of the Iron Mountain, and Ruins Hyderomastgroningem) don’t arrive tomorrow, I’ll have acquired only six new CDs in the month of January - an abnormally slow rate for me; recently I’ve been somewhere around 15-20 a month. My budget doesn’t support this, so it has to slow down at some point. Now’s a bad time, though - just as my interest in jazz and ?post-rock? is growing. Sigh.

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