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Today’s thoughts

Some new acquisitions from Mass Music today.

The Flower Kings purchase was something of a whim. I haven’t heard all that much of them, and what I heard isn’t all that bad, so I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Still, Flower Power (what a godawfully trite name) does nothing for me yet. The Tortoise disc is my favorite so far. Here’s a question: what exactly does the label “post-rock” imply? Tortoise and Godspeed You Black Emperor!, two recent discoveries of mine that I’m quite ecstatic about, both seem to fall into this category, but I’m at a loss to figure out what the hell it means. After prog and (recently) some jazz, post-rock would seem to be my next logical target of musical inquiry. More money and time. Sigh.

Does my music listening cause my mood to change, or does a change in my mood cause me to listen to different music? When I’m angry, should I listen to Metallica at high volumes, or chill out to the soothing songs of After Crying? When I’m depressed, should I bog myself down with Godspeed You Black Emperor!, or get up and gyrate to a ska disc?

I am constantly reminded of how many friends I have that listen to my music; namely, none. Last night about fifty people I know were rejoicing ecstatically because Napster, that buggy, badly-programmed, and terribly-designed bastion of music piracy on the Internet, is back online after a disappearance that lasted several days and brought hope to my heart. If Napster had any volume of prog, I hope my stance wouldn’t change. Another thing: I always get these astounded, surprised looks when people learn about how I buy CDs: “you mean you’ve never even heard just one song from that CD you just bought?” The concept of doing research on an album - reading reviews, asking questions on Internet forums - is as foreign to them as it is natural to me.

I love the sound of the bassoon in a rock (or at least semi-rock) context.

Is there a difference between thinking a band sucks and hating a band? Is it a semantic difference or a more fundamental one? I’d have to say the former - dislike is dislike, right? AllGdPple on has been babbling about how he doesn’t like all kinds of music, but he respects it all and anyone that doesn’t respect all forms of music is narrow-minded:

“i cannot understand why some can’t stand Thinking Plague, and i can’t understand why some can’t stand Par Lindh; Magma or The Flower Kings; Boud Deun or Tenn Jinn. i can hear the greatness and i can hear the mediocrity…….all six are excellent bands with quality musicians and composers.

i can only surmise that those who do not like them choose not to like them, which is narrow-minded. i don’t understand how anyone could choose to exist that way. maybe that’s a good thing. if i understood it perhaps i’d fall prey to the curse. <shudder>”

That sure sounds ridiculous to me. It wouldn’t be so bad if the guy wasn’t so damn condescending: “you might have an immature pallate that can’t appreciate the value that each style of prog has to offer, so you pick and choose the bands that suit your limited taste. my taste is broad and all-encompassing (at least that is my plan), and will not allow my opinion to be molded by one side or the other……neo, classical, new wave, RIO, etc. it’s all valuable to me.”

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