Things I’m excited about

Got a free CD in the mail yesterday - gotta love that. The band Quarkspace made an offer on for a free compilation disc released by, and I bit. I’ve listened to it once and it’s not bad, though space-rock is far from my favorite genre of prog. Anyone have any thoughts on this band? I’m not very familiar with them.

Speaking of, recently when I’ve logged on to check the newsgroup I’ve found myself thinking more and more frequently: just who the hell are these fools anyway? Recently there’s been an influx of three kinds of newbies: newbies that need to read the FAQ, newbies that need to at least get their feet wet before firing off misguided flames, and newbies that are guilty of both crimes and need to be smacked. Now, I’ve got nothing against newbies - I still feel like one sometimes - but why don’t these people do their research before opening their fool mouths and jumping into a flame war that has nothing to do with them? In a way this is the beauty of Usenet - sometimes I really enjoy seeing a bunch of idiots talk themselves into hell. But sometimes it’s just irritating.

Here’s a question for you: how do you, as a fan of weird, obscure music, tell your friends and family to get you weird, obscure CDs? It’s not like you can just give them a wish list and they can pop over to the Best Buy. I’ve given up on it, and the past few years I’ve made an order and said, “Here, pay for this, it’s my gift.” Not particularly elegant, I suppose, but better than receiving a stream of Tom Petty albums that I don’t want. Or a stream of King Crimson albums that I already have.

This Christmas I’m particularly excited about receiving my first Samla Mammas Manna album (Maltid), the Townscream disc, Banco’s Io Sono Nato Libero, Shylock’s first, and Anekdoten’s Live in Japan. I think I’ve about had enough of Anekdoten, but I’ve heard that said double-live album is quite amazing, so I’m excited nevertheless. On the RIO track, I just bought myself Henry Cow’s debut - the original mix, of course - and am loving it. Currently spinning in the changer: Henry Cow Legend, Henry Cow In Praise of Learning, Present Triskaidekaphobie/Le Poison Qui Rend Fou, Univers Zero The Hard Quest, and Magma 1001 Degrees Centigrades. For whatever reason I’ve been on something of a RIO kick lately. With the exception of my recent purchase of Metallica’s S&M which, by the way, I think is extremely entertaining.

That said, I’ll leave off with a final thought for today: the orchestrated version of Metallica’s instrumental “The Call of the Ktulu” really kicks ass.

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