Second blog overhaul in almost 10 years

It’s kind of amazing to this that this blog contains my scattershot ramblings on music over almost the last decade. Looking back, I’ve written more than my share of asinine and embarrassing crap, but some of this is pretty entertaining.

Anyway, in 1999 this thing started as a static HTML page that I updated manually, on a clunky website using HTML frames (those were the bad old days). By 2002 I had rewritten the entire website to be at least slightly dynamic, using PHP scripts to read data from text files (still no database-driven content), and the blog followed suit. Somewhere around 2005 I kicked around the idea of using PHP and MySQL to recreate the website in a database-driven form, and even started writing my own blogging platform. However, I didn’t have the time or motivation to see it through, and in part I’m glad, because there are now lots of blogging platforms out there far superior to anything I could possibly write.

So after a couple relatively painless hours of work I’ve ported all the content from my blog into this WordPress blog, thus bringing it into the Web 2.0 era. Still got to nail down what look & feel I want (right now this is just the same thing I use for my photography blog), but getting the content moved is a good start. Hopefully this means I’ll actually start writing in this thing again, at least occasionally - looking back over the last 9 years of posts convinced me that this is something worth keeping up.


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