So this is the official re-launch

For those of you coming here from the Ground & Sky main site, welcome to the redesigned blog! It’s still a work in progress - the banner at the top will change (until very recently I had the blog on a black background; now that I’ve changed it to make it easier to read, I need a new idea for a banner), and I’m still not quite done tagging and categorizing all the old entries. Lots of the old internal links will not work right now, either.

I’ve ported nearly 10 years’ worth of blog posts into this new platform, but unfortunately have not been able to move the old comments over. That might happen eventually, but not yet.

As for Ground & Sky itself, it is dormant but not completely dead. You’ll notice a few new reviews posted today (thanks Joe!). I will be periodically posting reviews still, but no promises as to frequency of updates. I’m still trying to figure out a good balance between contributing to the Washington City Paper, where I’ve been blogging for a few months as well as writing the occasional review for the print edition, and continuing work on Ground & Sky.

I have had enough people ask “what happened to Ground & Sky?” to convince me that it’s certainly an endeavor worth continuing. Thank you all for your interest. Please subscribe to this feed and keep your eyes open for new stuff at the site!


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  1. Mike McLatchey Says:

    Congrats on the new blog Brandon, it’s nice you finally have an RSS feed and Wordpress does the job, even if by the time you get the hang of an interface they release a new one. :D Cool you got to visit Yoshis too, one of my favorite places to see music and glad you made it out of Amoeba without a new mortgage. Be well! - Mike

  2. Brandon Wu Says:

    Thanks Mike! I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time but the thought of having to port all the old blog entries manually was too intimidating. But it ended up not being too difficult after all, so here we are.

    BTW… I miss Outer Music Diary :( But definitely understand the overload factor…

  3. Mike McLatchey Says:

    Hey, always appreciated your support of Outer Music. I think maybe we started the site during the decline of interest in music writing and haven’t officially shut it down due to the “never say never” factor (Tom still writes some reviews for his reissue site). I think one major thing changed over the last five years, when you’re curious about music now it takes a search engine to find an audio sample, often even for arcane items. So ultimately the audience for Outer Music was small and could only be grown by the drive and catharses that I’d mostly spent when I wrote for Exposé and Gnosis. Ultimately I’d have to find some way to relight the pilot and I think the energy I have to do that (not to mention resources) goes to my incense site and other interests now.

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