Wait, THAT was part of the fucking deal?!

So this eMusic business is way worse than I thought it was. As part of the PR rollout for the new pricing structure and the major label additions, eMusic was pimping the fact that you could download albums with more than 12 tracks but only get charged for 12 tracks. What they didn’t tell anyone (as far as I can tell, at least) is that you also get charged 12 tracks for downloading a lot of albums that are less than 12 tracks. I went to grab a Cecil Taylor record that has 2 tracks; in the good old days that would have cost me 2 downloads. Now, I have to spend 12.

This change doesn’t appear to affect all albums with fewer than 12 tracks, but it does seem to affect a solid percentage of them in a quick random check I did, including those on indie labels. This effectively completely destroys eMusic’s price competitiveness over iTunes and Amazon, as far as I’m concerned. I was definitely going to re-up my subscription when my current plan expires in October, despite all the controversy, but this might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I am really disappointed. Fuck.


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  1. ben wolfson Says:


  2. entropicdecay Says:

    I second that what. Although I suppose it doesn’t really affect me since I only really used eMusic for the free downloads when you first sign up.

  3. Simon Middleton Says:

    Interestingly this is still 2 credits on the UK web-site (no Sony, no 12-credit limit).

    We have just had the UI changes that means that the credit count is shown on the download button though. So change could be a-coming to us.

  4. ben wolfson Says:

    Hilariously, if you want to get Chris Cutler’s There and Back Again, that’ll still run you 45 downloads.

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