Still buying CDs

I’ve admittedly moved largely to digital music purchases, in an attempt to stop cluttering up my house with more and more CDs (I’m also selling a bunch of CDs, of course, and will be adding hundreds more to the list soon). But I also like to support the vendors that have served so well over the years, so today for the first time in quite a while I placed a big order at Wayside Music.

  • Jim Black/Alas No Axis - Houseplant
  • Magma - Emehntehtt-Re
  • Minamo - Kuroi Kawa~Black River
  • Opus Avantra - Introspezione
  • Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores - The Blind Spot
  • Vidna Obmana - Legacy
  • Wadada Leo Smith - Spiritual Dimensions
  • Zevious - After the Air Raid

Yes, there’s even an Italian prog album on the list! Can’t remember the last time I bought one of those, ha.

5 Responses to “Still buying CDs”

  1. ben wolfson Says:

    That Eyesores album is eat.

  2. ben wolfson Says:

    Uh, it’s great.

  3. Brandon Wu Says:

    Cool. That’s the only one I haven’t spun yet. I remembered liking the samples when it originally came out, but never got around to getting it. Hooray for Wayside/Cuneiform cutout sales! (But, no hooray for Wayside/Cuneiform needing to sell CDs at deep discounts.)

  4. Daniel Jarvis Says:

    How’s the Zevious cd? I was planning on grabbing that one. I’ve followed Dysrythmia since they were opening for Scott McGill’s Handfarm at a local bar in Philly, so this seems like an auto buy for me.

  5. Brandon Wu Says:

    The Zevious is pretty nice. It’s very… Cuneiform, if that means anything to you. Like, avant-rock that’s intricate and complicated but a little dry and academic unless you turn the volume WAY up. Then, it rocks.

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