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Do I hear engines?

Friday, January 19th, 2001

How do lyrics that one has not heard for months, and that are completely unrelated to anything one is doing or experiencing, suddenly randomly pop into one’s head? Today I found myself unable to get not one, but two lines out of my head: “Do I hear engines?” (Thinking Plague) and “butt naked, streakin’ through the ever murky streets of the urbanized areas” (Tribe Called Quest). I mean, what the hell. I haven’t listened to either of the albums in question for a really long time, and neither line had ever particularly stood out for me. So why would they suddenly resurface out of the depths of my subconscious and assert themselves so vigorously that I’ve been singing them over and over and over ad nauseum?

Speaking of Thinking Plague, if I’d listened to “Pinwheel” from Regarding Purgatories blind, I would have sworn it was from some new album by that band.

I’ve been spinning Deltron 3030’s self-titled album a lot recently. It’s a “hip-hopera”, a rap album with a wildly farfetched concept and futuristic bleeps and swooshes to accompany it. The music is great: Dan Nakamura and Kid Koala are right on the money with solid beats, some great “orchestration” (I have no idea how to express that concept in hip-hop-speak), and great turntable work (of which I actually think there should be a lot more). However, I can’t say that I’m sold on Del tha Funkee Homosapien (what the fuck?) and his MC style. Just doesn’t seem particularly smooth, and it seems like his lyrics throw in as many scientific and technological buzzwords (read: this is nerd-hop) without actually saying much that’s meaningful. Oh well, I still like it.