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Föld és ég is awesome

Monday, March 31st, 2003

Shame on me for letting myself forget how amazing Föld és ég is. “Kétezer év” has got to be one of the most purely gorgeous pieces of music ever recorded. It struck me as I listened to it last night (at a huge volume - surprisingly, it’s best that way) that aside from the vocals, it’s definitely the piano work that does it for me. I think in my review I described it as “gently rolling”, which is about as good as I can do in words - it’s an unusual kind of playing, unobtrusive, not really melodic, but incredibly hypnotic. It has the quality of fading out of my consciousness when I’m listening, since it’s so repetitive and so clearly meant as a backing part, but then abruptly making me sit up and take notice when it bubbles forward in the mix and reminds me of just how beautiful it is. And then there’s the section where it disappears and all that’s left are the vocals and the hi-hat and cymbals and it all sounds so spiritual - mmm. Amazing.

The cello solo in the middle ain’t bad either.