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APM is on hiatus

Thursday, December 14th, 2000

Noah says re my question about APM:

I talked to Ulf not long ago on #progrock, and he said that it’s rather unlikely that APM will be releasing anything in the next year plus, due to his switching jobs, moving, and generally being very busy. At the time he said they’d still be filling orders, but when I put in an order through the webpage form sometime later, I never got a response. Thus I think that any currently active former APM bands will be seeking other avenues of release (among which I’d expect Musea to be prominent, as has already happened with Zello and, I think, Ensemble Nimbus [or do they have a different label?]).

Thanks, Noah.

There is currently a little to-do on the Godspeed You Black Emperor! mailing list about some unfounded rumor about the band’s imminent breakup. No one seems to know if this rumor is accurate or not, but the consensus is that it’s a load of crap. Someone points out, however, that the booklet in Lift Your Skinny Fists… contains the statement, “this tape recording is the last stanza of a 3 page chapter”. One response:

and as for the quote, it’s been said on this list by people who have talked with members of godspeed (mainly on the last euro tour, i think) that the band is planning to take their music in a totally different direction after LYSFLATH, and i think that that’s more what that quote from the booklet is about.

Hell, this sounds good to me! The two new pieces - “12.28.99″ and “Tazer Floyd” are definitely more of the same, but maybe after the band records those two (which I remember hearing that they plan on doing), they’ll re-gear their sound and come up with something as fresh as the debut album was. We can only hope.

Scattered thoughts

Sunday, December 10th, 2000

Reading Bill Martin’s Listening to the Future after finishing Macan’s Rocking the Classics, I get the feeling that Martin writes uncomfortably like a prog-rock fanboy, whereas Macan seems more levelheaded. Martin just seems far too defensive about the genre as a whole, and adds in a lot of unnecessary parentheticals about how much prog has been persecuted (as well as even less necessary parentheticals about various political issues).

That one-note guitar solo at the end of Low’s “Over the Ocean” never fails to amaze me. It’s utterly perfect, heart-wrenchingly beautiful, and yet it’s just the same fucking note over and over again. How does that work? Even Fripp’s (in)famous “one-note” solo in “Starless” modulates continuously, so it’s not the same pitch over and over again (and besides, it’s the furthest thing from “beautiful”, though it’s undeniably effective). It boggles my mind how this one-note solo can be so perfectly done, evoking such an emotional response every time I hear it.

Jussi Karkkainen told me that the next Höyry-kone album will probably come out next year, though the band has not found a label for it yet (”certainly not APM”, he says - is this because of APM’s very slow rate of releasing music, or because of conflicts with Ulf Danielsson or others at the label?).

Holy shit: I’m listening now to Hundred Sights of Koenji at massive volume (now this is a bombastic album). At some point in “Ozone Fall”, a new male voice joins the chorus of demented singers and screams out of the left channel. I jumped, thinking someone was yelling at me from the commons room, which is to the left of my computer. Sheesh.