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Kenny G is the best example they could think of?

Monday, June 19th, 2006

Speaking of the Miami Heat, here’s something from the “Profiles in American History” part of their website (I’m not sure what the relationship is to the basketball team or why this is on their website, but I digress); emphasis is mine:

Art Tatum

Art Tatum began his piano career at the age of 13, after starting out on the violin as a small child. Tatum would go on to be regarded as one of jazz history’s most technically gifted pianists.

At the age of 21, Tatum moved to New York City and began to record and perform on radio programs. Tatum changed the sound of jazz piano by randomly inserting chord progressions into small frames of measures. By reharmonizing popular tunes, he set a standard that modern musicians from Kenny G. to Lauryn Hill now practice.

Art Tatum overcame his blindness to become a legendary musician.

I guess last night’s Clarence Clemons debacle makes more sense in this context. Yikes!