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Autechre’s Chiastic Slide inspires poetry

Thursday, January 13th, 2005

I was combing through the Google Groups archive to get some info on various Autechre albums that I’m interested in exploring (I have a bunch, but I like them enough that my desire to continue exploring their catalog hasn’t diminished at all yet). And I ran across this - definitely one of the best music newsgroup posts I’ve ever read:

there’s no argument from me that autechre’s entire body of work is staggering. all of the albums i’ve heard thus far are spectacular in some size, shape, fashion or form. personally though, i feel _chiastic slide_ is autechre’s best work because it achieves a delicate balance between their earlier, warmer, and more “orthodox” compositions (like _incunabula_) and later, more abstract outputs (such as lp5). to put it simply, _chiastic slide_ is an album that i’ve found mathematically precise and exacting in both form and structure, constructed from media that sounds utterly outside of human (indeed, organic) experience. simultaneously, each and every piece achieves a living, dynamic, HUMAN warmth that does not fail to consistently move me. analogous perhaps to a staggeringly complex equation that, when solved for x, equals a child’s laugh. or finding the nature of god in pi, if you will.

And yes, I have Chiastic Slide; and yes, it’s good.