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Free music

Tuesday, February 13th, 2001

Something new: since I can borrow CDs from the radio station one at a time, and they have a pretty big archive of indie-rock type stuff, I’m going to jot down brief thoughts about each one I borrow and deliver a verdict about whether or not I want to buy a copy for myself. Up first is Automator’s A Much Better Tomorrow, which I borrowed last week. It’s a hip-hop album with some pretty cool jazzy instrumental tracks that I really like, and a couple of duff tracks where the rapping just doesn’t work for me. I wasn’t planning on buying a copy, but 75 Ark is selling them for $6.29 new (!), so I did.

This week, I’ve got Thievery Corporation’s The Mirror Conspiracy. It’s nothing particularly exciting. Not bad, though. Obviously I haven’t listened to it enough, or gotten excited enough about it, to say anything interesting yet. Hmph.