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More thread summarizing

Tuesday, April 29th, 2003

And while I’m thread-summarizing, here’s some interesting stuff culled from ProgressiveEars. First, the news that Avant Garden is apparently disbanding, after only one official release and a high-profile gig in their ProgDay appearance. Too bad, these guys were pretty darn good.

There’s an interesting thread about music people can’t stand that’s given me some good laughs. I most agree with someone choosing Lou Bega’s “Mambo No.5″ as the most annoying song ever. That song puts my teeth on edge instantly. What I find really interesting, though, is that a ton of people tend to pick out specific groups or songs in rock, pop, and so on, but then they go and decide that an entire genre is also worthless and annoying - namely, rap. I find it so weird that people can just write off entire genres like that, especially given that such a opinion is probably formed based on hearing just a few songs on the radio. Too bad.

And finally, there’s a recurring debate that’s started up again recently about the usefulness of negative reviews. Apparently some people think that negative reviews are inherently less useful than positive ones, or something like that. I’m not following very closely because frankly I find the whole discussion absurd. Anyway, the “Straw Man Argument of the Year” award goes to none other than L Perez:

As a reviewer, when I get an album by a band that is playing in a style I dont really care for, I will compare them to other artists in that style. I dont trash them ad hoc but find things about the album that fans of that style of music might like and expound on those. I usually end such a review with; ‘it’s not my cuppa but if you like and then this disc is for you’I find this style of criticism to be much better recieved than the ‘they suck shit through a straw as does all music in this style and here’s why’ kind of review, YMMV

Well, no shit. Thanks man.

I suppose it’s sort of dumb to post these responses here, where no one can respond in kind. I do this quite a bit - I guess whenever I feel like I have something to say, but I don’t actually want to get involved in a discussion. For instance, I have absolutely no desire to get embroiled in this argument… I just thought the above quote was really funny.