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Yale Percussion Group puts on a fun show

Sunday, February 9th, 2003

Being sick is a pain in the ass. Last Wednesday I was supposed to go to the Dismemberment Plan show at the Bowery Ballroom - one of my favorite bands on their last tour at a great venue - but I was too sick to make it. Fuckin’ A. On the upside, the group has indicated on their website that although they won’t be recording anymore, they might hang around long enough to play a few more live shows. I hope so. Although I have to say, it’s a little tough to motivate myself to go see them now, despite how much I love them, since I’ve seen them three times and they haven’t written (or played live, to my knowledge) anything new since the last two.

I made up for it a little bit by seeing the Yale Percussion Group on Friday. This is a group of School of Music grad students banging on shit. They’re pretty cool; although I could only stay for the first half, they did a Ligeti piano etude arranged for two marimbas that was pretty cool, John Cage’s “Third Construction” (which I saw them perform a couple years ago - it was as fucking awesome this time as it was then), and a really interesting piece called “Village Burial With Fire” by James Wood. They closed the concert with a Bartók piece, but I didn’t get to see it.

Best used finds I’ve had in a while - Whatever You Love, You Are by the Dirty Three and Pale Sun, Crecent Moon by the Cowboy Junkies.