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MTV anchor not much into jazz

Friday, August 25th, 2000

Ha! From Guy Berger’s sig file. Formatting is mine:

Bill Clinton [responding to a question about his favorite musicians]: “…and another of my favorites is Thelonious Monk…”
Tabitha Soren: “Mr. Clinton, who is the loneliest monk? Can you tell us more about him?”
— MTV’s Rock the Vote, 1992

I updated my top 25 list yesterday. Just noticed that I use the word “blistering” at least three times on the page. Hehe.

From the Arlequins news page I read this, said by Neal Morse of the upcoming Spock’s Beard album: “It has all the typical elements of a SB cd plus a couple of surprises. There will be two long pieces in order to make prog fans happy and 4 short songs for normal people.” You know, I don’t think writing long pieces “in order to make prog fans happy” is a particularly good reason to write long pieces. Perhaps this explains why most of the long Beard pieces I’ve heard are disjointed and contrived.