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Monday, April 10th, 2006

Been in a bit of a disinterested phase lately. This happens every so often, every few months or so I’d guess — I just kind of get a bit apathetic towards music. Because listening to music is so ingrained in my life — whenever I’m at home, I put something on — I end up scrolling through my entire playlist looking for something that inspires me, end up with nothing, and hit the shuffle button in a somewhat disgruntled manner. I don’t like not being into music, and I’m not sure why it happens. It happened for an entire summer once, in 2002; the whole summer I just wasn’t really that excited by anything I listened to. As a result, out of apathy and sheer laziness, I listened to the radio a lot that summer, something I almost never do. Weird.

Interesting that my fallback option when this happens isn’t to simply listen to nothing. I always play something, even if it goes in one ear and out the other. I guess I’m kind of an addict.

I suppose these occurences might coincide with me getting seriously into another hobby — recently I’ve been a bit engrossed in upgrading my computer, reading a lot of books, and a few other things. But I’m not sure there’s a 100% correlation. I suppose everyone experiences this sort of burnout once in a while, but I wonder why it seems to be so hard to predict?

Hopefully this phase will end soon. This one doesn’t feel like it’s going to be a particularly long-term one.

Josh Kortbein on music burnout

Friday, December 1st, 2000

Josh says:

As quiet as my room seems to be lately, you’d think that my stereo was broken. But I just haven’t been happy listening to anything for a long period of time. I’ll throw on a CD for one or two plays at most, then get sick of music and decide to just play nothing. I’m still listening to a lot of music, but there’s a quite noticeable drop.

This sounds very familiar to me - since Thanksgiving break started a couple weeks ago I haven’t been listening to much music at all, compared to before. I’ll sit and stare at my collection for five minutes trying to find something I think I’d be able to get into at that given moment, and I won’t find anything. Last night I tried a random disc, ended up with A Piedi Nudi’s Creazione, and sat there with the music going in one ear and out the other. I’ve been having a bit more success with those gybe! bootleg MP3s, and now even more success with A Silver Mt. Zion’s album. About damn time - I don’t like not being able to get into my music.