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Slightly delirious random ramblings

Thursday, December 19th, 2002

Aaaaaargh, finals week is hell. Wish I could have worked on the site, but it hasn’t been possible. I wrote 40 pages in four days earlier this week. I still have an exam and a lengthy paper (20+ pages) left before I leave for home on Saturday. Gaaah.

Great paragraph from the liner notes of that Camper Van Beethoven box set I mentioned in the last entry:

Let’s admit this indie predilection: there is something so damn satisfying about liking a band that no one else has heard of. Mr. Indie doesn’t need the masses to tell him what to listen to, because he’s got taste, and he’s in the know. That’s right. If you don’t believe us when we tell you that Camper Van Beethoven is indeed obscure, go ask some guy on the street if he likes them. When he says, “Camper Who?” or better yet, looks at you like you are speaking a Germanic dialect, you’ll know it’s time to smile, because you are Indie with a capital I. You know something he doesn’t. Accordingly, you can just shake your head in disgust at his SUV-driving ass, and walk away.

I’ve been making a bunch of mix CDs for people lately. My CD-R drive was acting up and I couldn’t find a good CD burning package for Windows XP without dishing out a hundred bucks for some Adaptec program. Luckily my brother has been ripping MP3s and burning CDs a lot lately so he pointed me in the right direction. So I’m now happily ripping and burning away with Exact Audio Copy, LAME, and Nero. The first two are highly recommended for ripping tracks from CDs and encoding to MP3 without losing too much quality; the latter is just a pretty all-around solid CD burning program. And this is a great intro to it all.

It would be interesting to compare the mixes I make for other people with the mixes I make for myself. I tend to leave all the really weird shit off of mixes for other people. Maybe I should stop censoring myself like that. On the other hand, maybe I’m just being smart.

Oh yeah: the new Grey Eye Glances, A Little Voodoo, is growing on me. There are a couple of tracks that are just heinous, but some of them are pretty good. A lot poppier than the band used to be (well, circa Eventide anyway), but not bad. Oddly enough, two of the ten tracks on the album were produced by Jerry Marotta, and those two happen to be my favorite ones.

Cigarettes & Carrot Juice

Wednesday, December 11th, 2002

Today I got, from, the new Camper Van Beethoven box set, Cigarettes & Carrot Juice. I’d only heard some MP3s of this band before, but I liked what I’d heard and for a 5CD box, this release is pretty damn cheap. So I went ahead and took a gamble. And though I’ve only listened to about half the contents of the box, I gotta say: this stuff is utterly brilliant! I immediately fell in love with the first disc - a reissue of the band’s first album, Telephone Free Landslide Victory. It’s astoundingly creative lo-fi post-punk type stuff, with some Eastern European influenced instrumentals that are just great. I’ll probably be reviewing this stuff in the near future… I’m really enthralled.

I also got the new Opeth, which is also great, and the new Grey Eye Glances, which sucks. To be fair I’ve only listened to half of it once, but it made me bare my fangs.