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Really old CD players sound better

Monday, January 6th, 2003

I, uh, saw a Meshuggah album at Wal-Mart today. I was, uh, shocked.

I got a new portable CD player in the mail today: a Sony D-25S that I got for cheap on eBay. It sounds freakin’ awesome for a Discman. Check out this extremely in-depth review of this unit - pretty much sums it all up (and has a couple Rush references if you’re desperately looking for the prog connection :). Earlier, I got myself a SlimX MP3/CD player, basically as a Christmas present - it’s pretty cool, and I love it for driving, since I never have to change CDs even on an eight-hour drive. It doesn’t sound nearly as good as the D-25S, though; but that’s ok since all I’ll use it for is traveling and driving. I’ll be using the D-25S as a kind of “component” CD player until the far-off day when I can actually afford a decent stereo system.