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Interesting upcoming shows I’m indifferent to

Sunday, November 25th, 2001

Later this week, Steve Morse and the Dixie Dregs are playing right here in good ol’ New Haven, CT… but I don’t really have any desire to see them. I have Night of the Living Dregs and the King Biscuit live album, and both are nice, but obviously not good enough to make me really interested. Besides, I saw the Dregs open for Dream Theater a couple years ago at this very same venue, so I know what I’m missing.

Similarly, King Crimson is playing here and in New York, but oddly enough, I also don’t have much inclination to go see them. Back when things were simpler and I could name a “favorite band”, King Crimson was definitely it - if I’d had the opportunity to see them live three or four years ago, I would have ponied up a hundred dollars to do it. Now I’m balking at the $35-$65 ticket price. The fact that the recent Crimson releases haven’t done much for me are likely a big cause of this. Oh well.

What’s spinning, February 8 edition

Tuesday, February 8th, 2000

In anticipation of the Dixie Dregs / Dream Theater show here in New Haven in a couple weeks, I just received the Dregs‘ live King Biscuit recording yesterday. The country/Southern influences don’t turn me off, so I do like the music quite a bit, and I look forward to the show even more now.

Something straightforward today: what’s been spinning recently:

  • The Dixie Dregs - King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents - good folk-influenced fusion
  • The Flower Kings - Flower Power - still trying to figure out the hype
  • Magma - Retrospektiw II - love this version of MDK
  • Metallica - …And Justice For All - the more I listen to this the more I like it
  • Rush - Counterparts - I’d forgotten how much I like the instrumental “Leave That Thing Alone”
  • Von Zamla - 1983 - surpassed Tortoise as my favorite of the 1-29-00 acquisitions

What is it about English speakers that makes them so indifferent to music sung in foreign languages? How important are lyrics to the average music listener? I’ve become so accustomed to music that stresses instrumentals over vocals that I no longer remember how much lyrics used to matter to me. Or is it just the fact that songs sung in anything other than English sound funny to an English speaker? Come to think of it, why the sudden fascination with mangling Spanish and putting random bits of it into “Latin” songs meant for American audiences?

In the depths of my gloom
I crawl out for you
From the peaks of my joy
I crawl back into
Tearing me down every time you smile
Every shining time you arrive
Sunny Day Real Estate, “Every Shining Time You Arrive”