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Nightwish not quite “Oh my god!”-worthy

Friday, October 19th, 2007

So… the Nightwish show. This was their first show of their U.S. tour I believe, and it had sold out something like six months in advance, with paying customers from as far away as Russia (uh, you would think that Nightwish plays plenty of gigs a hell of a lot closer to Russia than Springfield, Virginia, but whatever). The openers were Paradise Lost, whom I did not show up for. After a seemingly interminable delay, which unfortunately I did show up in time for, the band took the stage sometime after 10pm, after a nice little pep talk from club owner Jay, who made the very good point that these guys are used to playing stadiums and arenas and it’s pretty damn cool that they were willing to play at a tiny little metal club in suburban Virginia.

They opened with “Bye Bye Beautiful,” which I thought was an interesting choice, considering that song is basically a “fuck off” towards Tarja Turunen. Eh, ok. It was alright. See for yourself — a video of part of it got posted to YouTube and is below, kind of fun to watch if you can ignore the hyperventilating fanboy going “oh my fucking god” through the whole thing. Then came another song from Dark Passion Play; again, it was alright (can you tell I’m not that enthused about the new album). “Dark Chest of Wonders” and “Ever Dream” followed, and it was really interesting to hear the new vocalist perform the old songs. “Dark Chest of Wonders” was great, “Ever Dream” not so much. Annette Olzon is a completely different singer from Tarja Turunen and gives Nightwish an entirely different sound — one that’s much less over-the-top, not operatic at all, much more mainstream. Normally I don’t really like bands that are so over the top, so one would think that I would like this more streamlined version of Nightwish better — but really, when listening to female-fronted power metal, where’s the appeal except in the over-the-top-ness?

Besides that, Olzon seemed to really strain to hit some notes, and I found myself missing Turunen a lot. This really isn’t the same band, and while it’s a little unfair to compare them to the old version, when they play the old songs the comparisons are inevitable. I left after about an hour and a half, in the middle of “Nemo,” after finding that the new songs were almost all pedestrian and the performances of the old songs just left me wishing that Turunen was singing them. Ah well.

For a different perspective (and a complete setlist), check this out. Also note that the same guy who posted the below video at YouTube also posted clips of “Nemo” and “Wish I Had an Angel.”

Poking fanboys with a stick

Wednesday, March 16th, 2005

I really, really, really want to review Jordan RudessFeeding the Wheel, but it would serve no purpose other than riling up the Dream Theater fanboys who left me such loving, thoughtful comments on my review of Train of Thought. But honestly, I’m not sure if I can resist much longer; Rudess is such a juicy target. I mean, look at that fucking cover art!

In which Dream Theater fanboys threaten to kill me

Tuesday, February 17th, 2004

It took longer than I expected, but my extremely negative review of Dream Theater’s Train of Thought combined with the launch of our comment engine is finally garnering some reactions. Some are fair enough (I’m glad there are plenty of people out there who like the album, it’s just not my bag whatsoever) and some are the raving-mad fanboy lunacy you’d expect. The latter are highly entertaining and are recommended reading :)

“(c)rap” is not a valid criticism of rap

Tuesday, January 27th, 2004

I cannot abide listening to progressive rock fans babble on about rap and hip-hop. The extent of the vapid, self-righteous closed-mindedness of fans of what should ideally be an open-minded genre is disgusting.

I have a mild affinity for King Crimson

Tuesday, March 4th, 2003

Q. Define ‘fanboy’.

A. One who owns 12 discs of live recordings of one incarnation of King Crimson. Exhibit A: Brandon Wu -

Can I actually tell all these different live performances apart? Uh, some of them. Is this way too much overkill? Uh, probably, but I don’t care. Every recording is worth something to me, and I enjoy every one of them. I’m a fanboy, after all. It was great for me that DGM decided to begin selling Collector’s Club CDs to the general public - I never took the $96 plunge originally, because I was afraid there’d be a lot of material that I wouldn’t be interested in, from the 80’s band for instance (hell, I already have 24 live discs of non-mid-70s Crimson!). I was right, but damn did I miss out on some great releases. The Mainz one in particular is flat-out stunning at times, and the shows with Muir are of course absolutely great to have.