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Finland as the center of the music world

Tuesday, June 7th, 2005

There’s something about Finland. I posted today my review of the new Alamaailman Vasarat album, Kinaporin Kalifaatti, and their label claims that it has been doing well on Finnish pop music charts (”FINLAND ROCKS!” they claim, at least according to the Wayside catalog). Fortuitously, two other publications have articles on Finnish art today. Dusted’s headlining feature article is on the Avanto Helsinki Media Art Festival, in an article that briefly mentions “70s post-hippie progsters Haikara, Wigwam and Mummi Kutoo.” The festival sounds really fascinating, and the article is worth a read.

Also, The Washington Post has this “Finland Diary” thing going, in which two journalists write periodically on how Finland “has the world’s best educational system, produces such talented musicians and architects and has more cell phones per capita than Japan or America.” (Answer to the last item: because of the geographical difficulties of wiring the country for traditional phones, the Finnish government invested a lot of money in cell phone technology — hence Nokia’s predominance — early on in the game. So I learned in my “Sociology of Development” class in college.) This follows on an old article, I think in the New York Times, that tackled the issue of the Finnish people’s penchant for hiding emotion, which followed upon a fascinating comment that a G&S reader left for my review of Uzva’s Tammikuinen Tammela. Funny the fascination that this country has for so many folks, including me.