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Socialism and Fläsket Brinner

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

Happy new year!

One of my most recent acquisitions, which has quickly become a prized possession, is the 2003 box set of Fläsket Brinner’s Swedish Radio Recordings, 1970-1975. It is amazing that such a thing exists: four discs of top-notch performances from this obscure (outside Sweden, at least — but I imagine they are hardly mainstream material even in their native country) psych-prog group. Perhaps the best of these is the final disc, from 1975, in which two members of Älgarnas Trädgård joined the band, giving a much spacier and more “out” feel to the jams. But it’s all fantastic stuff and highly recommended. The packaging is gorgeous, and the little note in the booklet confirms my suspicions as to why: “This project was supported by the Swedish Council for Cultural Affairs.”

The Swedish system of social democracy at its best: public grants supporting boundary-pushing artists in the interests of advancing the state of modern music. Well, Fläsket Brinner was “boundary-pushing” 30 years ago, at least. Still, I’m not complaining.