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Upcoming concerts in the DC area

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

Here’s a look at some of the interesting shows coming up in the DC area in the next few months. This post is as much for me as for anyone else, though folks in the area may find something they like. Note that I’ve omitted some obvious prog-centric shows, like Rick Wakeman, The Carl Palmer Band, Niacin, Mahavishnu Project, Spock’s Beard, etc., since I’m not personally interested in them.

  • Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores at The Warehouse Nextdoor, January 27 — Hey, that’s tomorrow. I missed these guys the last time they were in DC, and still haven’t heard their album on Cuneiform, but I may well check them out in this venue anyway. Weirdly, this show is listed at the Warehouse website but not the Warehouse Nextdoor site, so I’ll have to call to confirm that it’s actually happening…
  • The Vandermark 5 at Iota, February 3 — Nice; I didn’t even know these guys were on tour. One of my favorite contemporary avant-jazz ensembles. I’m seriously thinking about plonking down the cash for their 12-CD live box set; maybe I should actually go see them live before I make that call!
  • Low at The Black Cat, February 4 — I haven’t heard any of these guys’ recent output, but I like what I do have (namely The Curtain Hits the Cast) and for $13, I might check out their live show.
  • Nile at Jaxx, February 8 — They’re touring in support of Annihilation of the Wicked, one of metal fans’ highlights of 2005. I haven’t quite gotten into that record as much as many others, but maybe I’ll make it out to Springfield for this show to see what I’m missing.
  • Formanek/Berne Quartet at An Die Musik (Baltimore), February 11 — Ever since I first got into saxophonist Tim Berne, I’ve been waiting for him to play a live date somewhere near me, with any one of his numerous bands. He plays incessantly, but generally only in the New York area. This is my first chance to see him (and with Tom Rainey, perhaps my favorite current jazz drummer)!
  • The Wu-Tang Clan at The 9:30 Club, February 13 — I’d be interested in seeing these hip-hop godfathers, even if I find live hip-hop more miss than hit, but tickets are $50. No thanks. I’m not really surprised that they already sold out one set even at those prices, though.
  • Flogging Molly at The 9:30 Club, February 22 — I used to be a big fan of these guys, but I’ve kind of tired of their Celtic-punk gimmick. I might go anyway, except for the fact that I just bought tickets for a vacation to Ecuador leaving on the 22nd. Next time, maybe.
  • Belle & Sebastian at The 9:30 Club, March 5 & 6 — Both shows already sold out; wow. I saw these guys a couple years ago and it was a lot of fun, even if their live sound is pretty much exactly the same as their studio sound.
  • Charming Hostess at Busboys & Poets, March 7 — The a cappella trio version of the band is going strong: three women singing Jewish and other folk-influenced stuff, with a unique feminist/leftish/something sort of bent. I’ll definitely be at this show; cool venue too.
  • Mogwai at Sonar (Baltimore), March 7 — I wish they were coming closer to DC, and I wish they didn’t conflict with Charming Hostess. This being a weeknight I’ll probably opt for the closer show; maybe they’ll schedule a date closer to DC as the time nears. Sure hope so; when I saw them at the 9:30 a couple years ago, they were awesome.
  • Orthrelm at Talking Head (Baltimore), March 16 — Given that OV is possibly my favorite record of 2005, and I can’t imagine how it could possibly be pulled off live, seeing Orthrelm is a must for me. But since they’re from DC, surely they’ll be playing closer than this sometime in the near future. Might wait til then.
  • Grey Eye Glances at Jammin’ Java, March 18 — They rarely seem to play outside of New England, so I’m pretty excited that these folk-rockers will be coming down to Virginia again. I saw them in Boston, though sans Brett Kull (Echolyn, who along with Ray Weston has been an integral part of the band for a while now), and they were great. I’m there.
  • The Gathering at Jaxx, March 19 — If I have it in me to trek out to suburban NOVA two nights in a row, this should be a fun show; melodic goth-metal band that I’ve reliably enjoyed since their mid-90s output. Apparently one of only 6 shows they’re playing in the U.S.
  • Animal Collective at The Black Cat, March 21 — This avant-folk band has been getting rave reviews from people I respect, but I haven’t heard any of their stuff yet. If they’re as good as everyone says though, I’ll be at this show.
  • Cyro Baptista at Lisner Auditorium, March 25 — I’ve only heard Baptista in the context of John Zorn-related projects (like Electric Masada, where he is a beast). Here he’s performing with his Beat the Donkey band, which the Lisner website describes as “hilarious fusion overload” with “all the impact of a Brazilian carnival.” How can I miss that?
  • Green Carnation at Jaxx, March 29 — Well, I think these guys have been pretty lame since Light of Day, Day of Darkness, but they’re the kind of band that I bet would be pretty fun to see live. Might make it out to this one.
  • Isis, Dälek and Zombi at The Black Cat, April 30 — WOW what a lineup! The band that released my favorite album of 2004, Panopticon; one of the most forward-looking, avant-garde hip-hop groups there is, who have collaborated with Faust in the past; and a group I haven’t heard yet that is most often compared to Goblin. This is easily the most-anticipated show on my list here. Can’t wait!

Also, Mono and Pelican are touring this summer along with who knows who else. Looks like this could be a strong year for live music. I think I may make more of an effort to go to shows than I have in the past, if I can afford to do so (and if I can convince some friends to join me for some of these).

Sigur Rós on the road yet again

Monday, January 13th, 2003

So Sigur Rós is touring the US yet again in March. Those guys are ridiculous. They’ve played the US like four times in the last two and a half years or something like that. Unfortunately I won’t be able to catch them this time around, but hell - I saw them back in November or so, they sure couldn’t have come up with much new stuff between then and now! Especially since they’ve been, well, touring Europe and stuff…

One of my friends got to see Grey Eye Glances live at Club Passim in Boston, and absolutely loved them. She said that Jennifer Nobel was gorgeous, “magical”, and she was barefoot and she curled her feet around the stool she was sitting on… and that the guys were “weird”. Hah. Damn Echolyn prog-rockers.

Slightly delirious random ramblings

Thursday, December 19th, 2002

Aaaaaargh, finals week is hell. Wish I could have worked on the site, but it hasn’t been possible. I wrote 40 pages in four days earlier this week. I still have an exam and a lengthy paper (20+ pages) left before I leave for home on Saturday. Gaaah.

Great paragraph from the liner notes of that Camper Van Beethoven box set I mentioned in the last entry:

Let’s admit this indie predilection: there is something so damn satisfying about liking a band that no one else has heard of. Mr. Indie doesn’t need the masses to tell him what to listen to, because he’s got taste, and he’s in the know. That’s right. If you don’t believe us when we tell you that Camper Van Beethoven is indeed obscure, go ask some guy on the street if he likes them. When he says, “Camper Who?” or better yet, looks at you like you are speaking a Germanic dialect, you’ll know it’s time to smile, because you are Indie with a capital I. You know something he doesn’t. Accordingly, you can just shake your head in disgust at his SUV-driving ass, and walk away.

I’ve been making a bunch of mix CDs for people lately. My CD-R drive was acting up and I couldn’t find a good CD burning package for Windows XP without dishing out a hundred bucks for some Adaptec program. Luckily my brother has been ripping MP3s and burning CDs a lot lately so he pointed me in the right direction. So I’m now happily ripping and burning away with Exact Audio Copy, LAME, and Nero. The first two are highly recommended for ripping tracks from CDs and encoding to MP3 without losing too much quality; the latter is just a pretty all-around solid CD burning program. And this is a great intro to it all.

It would be interesting to compare the mixes I make for other people with the mixes I make for myself. I tend to leave all the really weird shit off of mixes for other people. Maybe I should stop censoring myself like that. On the other hand, maybe I’m just being smart.

Oh yeah: the new Grey Eye Glances, A Little Voodoo, is growing on me. There are a couple of tracks that are just heinous, but some of them are pretty good. A lot poppier than the band used to be (well, circa Eventide anyway), but not bad. Oddly enough, two of the ten tracks on the album were produced by Jerry Marotta, and those two happen to be my favorite ones.

Cigarettes & Carrot Juice

Wednesday, December 11th, 2002

Today I got, from, the new Camper Van Beethoven box set, Cigarettes & Carrot Juice. I’d only heard some MP3s of this band before, but I liked what I’d heard and for a 5CD box, this release is pretty damn cheap. So I went ahead and took a gamble. And though I’ve only listened to about half the contents of the box, I gotta say: this stuff is utterly brilliant! I immediately fell in love with the first disc - a reissue of the band’s first album, Telephone Free Landslide Victory. It’s astoundingly creative lo-fi post-punk type stuff, with some Eastern European influenced instrumentals that are just great. I’ll probably be reviewing this stuff in the near future… I’m really enthralled.

I also got the new Opeth, which is also great, and the new Grey Eye Glances, which sucks. To be fair I’ve only listened to half of it once, but it made me bare my fangs.