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Bratty egomaniacs

Thursday, February 27th, 2003

This entry won’t mean anything to you if you don’t follow pop music: here’s is a neat quote I found from Freaky Trigger, in a piece where the author is talking about a Holly Valance song: “If I were a parent I’d be more worried about my kids liking this than liking Eminem (though even more worried if they didn’t like either).” Even better is this quote, stolen from the same article, this time where the author’s writing about Jennifer Lopez’s “Jenny From the Block”:

J-Lo’s calm, plainly pretty vocals are a real asset here cause the lack of inflection means you don’t really have to concentrate on the words she’s singing. Which are absurd certainly but sound much better if they’re just a hopscotch butterscotch nursery rhyme flowing over your forebrain and leaving no imprint. She’s not even being too dishonest – to have got where she is the original J from the B probably had to be a bratty egomaniac, rocks or no.