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Thievery Corporation, Don Cab, and the Broof

Thursday, February 15th, 2001

Re the genrefication of Thievery Corporation: AMG says acid jazz. Josh says downtempo. Meanwhile, on rmp, there’s been mention of IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). Here’s another page about IDM. Pretty interesting stuff.

I picked up Don Caballero’s American Don from the station today after returning The Mirror Conspiracy. I’m quite indifferent to it, but given my general indifference to 80s King Crimson, and the vague comparisons between these two that seem to go on, this probably isn’t too surprising. I mean, I can see that it’s good stuff for certain people, but it’s not stuff that I’m particularly interested in.

I don’t know where Noah Lesgold found this quote that he put in his sig, but it’s great:

I love seeing the whites of an audience’s eyes instead of being stuck in the back and seeing John Wetton’s ass. Life for me is a series of asses that I played behind. Adrian Belew has got a very nice ass, slim. John Wetton’s is a little bigger. Jon Anderson’s is very small. Nice legs, lousy ass. It’s a series of asses.
— Bill Bruford