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Thursday, July 27th, 2000

Some new ones just in from New Sonic Architecture; I’m pretty excited about these:

I know, I’m late getting onto the Mahl bandwagon, but there have just been so many albums lately on my must-get-now list that this one has suffered. I’ve been wanting to get a White Willow album for a while, and after hearing nothing but praise for Sacrament (well, except for one amusingly bad review - go search for it, it’s good for a quick laugh), I went ahead and picked it up. I’m rather disappointed that the lyrics are in English, but otherwise I like it so far. Oh, and Diacronie burns, baby.

Ok, in a fit of boredom I just went back to and checked out the guy that posted that review of Sacrament. Apparently, he exemplifies the worst of that website - he’s given everything he reviewed either five stars or one star. I think one album got two stars and one got one and a half, and the Thieves’ Kitchen album got four and a half (sorry Paul :), but literally all the rest got five or one, nothing in between. Don’t know how many raving five-star reviews he’s written… I stopped counting after twenty or thirty. Heh.

I’ve been so busy with adding reviews (the reviewers have been fairly prolific lately - which is the way I like it!) and adding various random new features to the site that I haven’t had time to update this sucker. One nice little perk that comes with the new server is an automatic web counter. Yesterday there were 4500 page accesses. Of course, that number is rather inflated when you count only unique hits, but I was pleasantly surprised anyway.

Doesn’t look like the forums are going to catch on. That’s fine, there are already too many places to talk about prog rock on the Web. In addition to regularly reading, I think I’m now a member of something like seven or eight separate prog-related mailing lists. Sheesh.