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Over the Rhine, “Lifelong Fling”

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Over the Rhine 09

First in what might or might not be a consistent series, in which I talk briefly about a specific song I can’t stop listening to.

Over the Rhine are a low-key husband-and-wife folk ensemble whose music incorporates elements of jazz, rock, and soul in equal and sometimes unpredictable measure. “Lifelong Fling” appears on what is widely considered their flagship release, 2003’s double album Ohio. The band’s R&B inflections come to the fore here, as Karin Bergquist’s vocals are oddly slurred, incredibly soulful, and absolutely bewitching. Some oblique slide guitar solos and a smoky, jazzy piano melody round out what has become my favorite Over the Rhine song. Just gorgeous stuff.

Also, the song opens with the line “The moon blindsided the sky again,” which is easily one of the more artful lyrics about nightfall that I can think of.