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Brann Dailor on Phil Collins

Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

Brann Dailor is the drummer for Atlanta tech/math/prog-metal band Mastodon. In an interview at SuicideGirls, he talks about some his influences and mentions the likes of Bill Bruford, Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, Neil Peart, etc., as well as Phil Collins, about which he says:

I guess the only surprise [in my list of influences], for some people, people that have never heard Genesis before the exit of Peter Gabriel, is Phil Collins. People just kind of chuckle when they hear me say that, thinking that I’m joking, being ironic or something. I’m totally not! He seriously was… I mean, they go “Sue Sue Sulio” [Laughs], but [that] being said, even some of the Genesis stuff that came out that was super poppy had some killer drums on it, if you listen to it. I know that might be blasphemy saying that, but it had the best drums in pop music, that’s for sure.

Good interview, by the way.