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Hey, I remembered that I like Phish

Monday, June 5th, 2000

During the drive to the Ultimate tournament I played in last weekend, I rediscovered Phish’s A Picture of Nectar. Back when I sincerely believed that Pink Floyd was the greatest band on the planet, with no other band even coming close, Phish was a distant second favorite mostly based on the merits of the aforementioned album. Listening to it again, I like it just as much, maybe even more. It has some very, very progressive moments, some great jams, and some very well-orchestrated songs. “Stash” is my favorite song - the way the jam at the end resolves itself from dissonance to consonance is wonderful. (This text will probably show up in my review whenever I get around to reviewing this album.) Unfortunately, no other Phish album does this much for me, though Rift comes close.