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This is dangerous

Monday, March 6th, 2000

The recent diversification of my musical tastes (jazz, Celtic, and rap, mostly) is a terrible thing for my wallet.

Picked up both October Project releases (self-titled and Falling Farther In), both for under $10. I wouldn’t call them prog by any stretch of the imagination, but I suppose it’s not too inappropriate to review them on this website, since I expect a lot of prog fans will like them. Both discs, especially the second, do have a kind of pop/adult-contemporary sheen to them, but they’re still good.

Anyone know anything about keyboardist Rachel Z? She played with some pretty big names in jazz (and participated in the recent Vertu project) but apparently sold out to smooth jazz recently - are there any of her solo albums worth picking up?

Does “smooth jazz” have anything to do with jazz at all?