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Rick Wright is gone

Monday, September 15th, 2008

RIP Rick Wright.

As I mentioned in my writeup of Aussie Floyd last year, Pink Floyd was the group that made me the music lover I am, and so Wright’s passing affects me quite a bit. I’ll be listening to Broken China tonight in memoriam.

Goodbye Stylus

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

An appreciative farewell to Stylus Magazine, which for a while now has been one of the several music websites I check daily for insights into new listening fodder, and which is closing its doors today. Sometimes I found their writing a little too meandering and personal, but overall I enjoyed the site a lot and particularly liked some of the offbeat lists and features they came up with. It’s always sad to see a source of good music writing disappear, and Stylus follows in the footsteps of the likes of Progweed, Splendid and Paris Transatlantic in terms of online publications that I’ve been sorry to see go, and continue to miss.

Farewell Paris Transatlantic

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Sad news: the slightly overdue July issue of Paris Transatlantic includes a lead-in indicating that it will likely not be publishing regularly anymore. It seems Dan Warburton has run into that problem that so many dedicated music lovers encounter sooner or later, which can be oversimplified as “too much music, not enough time.” At almost 20 years younger than Dan — sans wife and son — and boasting a music collection of 30% the size, I already feel the weight of this problem coming on to me. Turns out you don’t need 8,000 albums and a family to have too much music and not enough time. Two thousand albums and a full-time job (and some friends) is enough.

I keep telling myself that at some point I’m going to stop buying new music, or even sell off a big portion of my collection, and just spend a solid chunk of time just listening to what I already have (or decide to keep), getting to know it better, and writing about it more. The idea of reviewing every single album I own (well, maybe not quite every one — I’ll spare you my thoughts on, you know, the old ska albums I have left over from middle school) on this website has a certain appeal, but I’ve already failed on a much smaller-scale experiment of that sort, when I tried writing just a paragraph on each of my CDs and got bogged down less than halfway through. But at some point I have to draw a line in the sand, to borrow a quote from Dan borrowed from The Big Lebowski. Whether that line comes at 2,500 CDs and an intensified workload at my job, or further down the road at 4,000 albums and a family or something, remains to be seen.

But all that is beside the point. While Paris Transatlantic has always been a little too esoteric for me, mining the outer edges of an avant-garde that I am only a year or two into exploring, I always appreciated its mind-expanding interviews and reviews, like a more accessible and content-rich version of I Hate Music or a free (and often more thoughtful) version of The Wire. It will be missed.

Elton Dean passed; metal at PopMatters

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

RIP Elton Dean.

I was rather surprised to see The Gathering’s Mandylion garner a review at PopMatters today — not only does prog-metal seem outside the realm of that site, but they also only review new releases, and Mandylion is over a decade old. Well, turns out there’s a 10th anniversary special edition release. Cover art looks really nice and the second disc of bonus material sounds interesting (along that vein, I still have to get the recent 2CD release Accessories: Rarities B-Sides). Good review, too, worth a read.