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“Cataclysmic karaoke”

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

Man, Stewart Voegtlin at Dusted is absolutely and hilariously spot-on here, re cello quartet Apocalyptica’s efforts to cover Metallica tunes:

Apocalyptica, looking more like a quartet of Vegas magicians than classical musicians, made the egregious mistake of reworking the majority of post-Cliff Burton Metallica into chamber music for high school band choads. Unfortunately, this misstep failed to call the process of “covering” into question. Ideally, “to cover” should not mean, “to shadow;” to lay a pale sheath of onionskin over an original. Covering should maintain some of the original tune’s integrity, but there’s got to be a contribution from artist to source material. Anything other than well-honed personal homage is cataclysmic karaoke.

Ha! This is from his review of Erik Hinds‘ recent album covering Slayer’s Reign in Blood. It’s a facinating work, since Hinds performs his cover renditions solo, on an acoustic instrument. I’m actually not familiar with the original, but I’m still getting some enjoyment out of this cover.