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SPV Popul Vuh reissues are ace

Monday, September 12th, 2005

Two thoughts this morning:

The SPV remasters of the entire Popol Vuh catalog are beautiful, and sorely needed given the utterly confusing state of the band’s CD catalog — what with various twofers combining albums in a nonsensical way, or worse, CD reissues that don’t correspond to original albums at all, containing tracks taken from completely different records. And they sound fantastic. However, I do really wish they’d put more effort into the booklets. Every single reissue appears to have the exact same booklet, with a brief history of the band and bios of Florian Fricke. Would it have killed them to have added in a page or two of info about each specific album?

There’s been an announcement circulating that the famed Cathedral, that American one-shot band that released Stained Glass Stories, is reuniting with all original members and recording new material. I haven’t heard their first album and after this announcement don’t have much interest in the new one, thanks to this totally idiotic statement from one of the band members…

“Our newest collections will place you back in the past, where PROG BELONGS. Don’t get too comfortable! You’re going to be selected to land where the future of Progressive Music should have planted it’s heels not long ago!”

Maybe this is tongue-in-cheek, but somehow I don’t think it is. This represents just about exactly the opposite mentality of what I have, so at least now I can cross something off my want list.