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The Yale Herald hates Wilco

Friday, February 25th, 2005

One last Wilco post. I found this gem in the Yale Herald, Yale’s weekly student newspaper, regarding the selection of the band that was to play at Yale’s Spring Fling in 2004, following Wilco’s performance in 2003:

Following a lengthy selection process, last Friday’s announcement of the band that will be playing at Spring Fling came as a welcome sign that this year’s finale will be far and away the best act that we have had in a long time. After last year’s disappointing display of musical mediocrity by Wilco, Third Eye Blind’s performance is bound to lift our spirits and restore our trust in the Yale College Council’s ability to entertain the student body… Four guys with a reputation of strutting their stuff on stage to cheering crowds will hopefully provide a refreshing contrast to last year’s painful attempts by thousands of students to forget Wilco’s monotonous melodies by imbibing early and often.

Third Eye Blind. Ha!

Sticky and twitching

Friday, February 9th, 2001

The Yale Herald, a weekly paper that tends to review a lot of indie-rock for whatever reason, reviewed the forthcoming Tortoise album, Standards (due February 20, I think) this issue. The review is quite positive and really whets my appetite, but I’m confounded by the following statement: “Standards is deep-fried funk that will leave your groin sticky and unable to stop twitching.” What the hell?